Welcome to downtown Portland, a historical section of town known as much for its haunted locations and appearances of apparitions as it is for beer and good food.

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Are you brave enough to walk through the darker side of Portland’s past? To see locations and hear stories of hauntings that have frightened residents and visitors for well over a century? Downtown Portland Ghost Tours will take you on a journey where the paranormal manifests itself regularly alongside the unsuspecting.

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Vice, Vengeance and Victims

Our tour will take you on a historical walk through the oldest sections of downtown Portland. You will visit some of the most haunted locations in the region, with a number of them tied to the infamous Shanghai Tunnels. Some of the buildings you’ll see date back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and retain much of their early charm, as well the spirits of some of their original occupants who have never cut ties with this earthly realm.

Over 160 years of lawlessness and villains who let nothing stand between their quest for profit and greed are represented on our walk. You’ll visit upstanding establishments that have become the sites of bizarre manifestations that have sent many running in terror from their gilded doors. Hotels that harbor spirits and restaurants that contain restless apparitions will all be part of your evening walk. Learn the identity of the woman in black who has never left the building where she was murdered. Hear the history and many examples of frightening events that take place in the tunnels below the city sidewalks.

You will hear real stories tied to factual accounts of life in the early days as well as events that occurred in the 1900’s. These have been compiled from eyewitness reports and historical excerpts, delivered by our knowledgeable and engaging tour guides. You’ll see why some of the spots on our tour frequently make national top ten “most haunted” lists and are regularly visited by paranormal researchers, authors, and the curious from around the world. These sites are also popular with everyday people who come to learn about and be touched by events that left a permanent link between our world and the spirit world.

Why is downtown Portland so haunted?

An unimaginable number of atrocities have been committed in the downtown area, beginning with the early days when this port city brought in people from all over the world. Many of the newcomers brought shady pasts with them and had no qualms about victimizing others, even if it meant killing to get what they wanted. You’ll hear how men and women alike fell prey to a multitude of evils that roamed the blocks you walk through. More crime than was ever reported took place in the Shanghai Tunnels leaving a trail of victims whose last earthly connection was many of the sites on our ghost tour.
And then there are the spirits of business owners and members of the early Portland community who apparently have chosen to remain in places they had ties with rather than move on to an eternal rest. They make their presence known in a number of ways, as they continue on with their former routines. Even though some of their haunts have changed or been replaced, their ghosts persist and chill the hearts of those who see or feel their presence.
The Ghosts of Downtown Portland Tour will reveal details and encounters that are best experienced at night, when the cover of daytime is drawn back to expose the underside of the city’s dark history. Reserve your tour today and see why many of Portland’s ghosts have chosen to stay downtown forever.

Tour Info

Our nightly tours take you to some of the most haunted locations in downtown Portland. All tours start at the specified time according to the booking calendar. On our Ghosts of Downtown Portland tour, you’ll explore both the paranormal and historical accounts of each of our carefully selected tour stops. You’ll visit some of the locations that have been made famous by paranormal researchers, television programs and nationally recognized top ten “Most Haunted” lists.


All Ghost Tours meet in front of the Lan Su Chinese Garden at 239 NW Everett St., at the corner of Everett St. and 3rd St. We are not affiliated with the Chinese Garden.
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The standard tour route is approximately 1 mile. Eight different locations are included in our standard tour. Our extended tour includes four extra locations, adding 1.9 miles to the distance for a total distance of 2.9 miles.


The tour is around 1 hour long, and is 1.1 miles long. If you choose the extended tour, you will get roughly 30 minutes and an additional 0.5 miles after the first tour ends.


Portland: Ghosts of Downtown ghost tours are held every night. Check booking calendar for times and more details. Please arrive at least ten minutes early and allow plenty of time for parking and walking to the location. Tours are held rain or shine! Rain is a key element in the Pacific Northwest and most “true” Portlanders don’t even use umbrellas. It is acceptable to carry one though, if there is a chance of rain in the forecast.


Admission for the Ghosts of Downtown Portland tour must be purchased ahead of time on our site. Click “Buy Tickets” to bring up the ticket order process, fill the (short!) form out completely, and confirm your reservation, then… you’re done!

You do NOT need to print your tickets or worry about mobile passes! After completing your tour reservation online, you’ll automatically be added to the admission list for your tour time and date. Simply bring your ID with you for us to verify your reservation before your tour begins.


There is curbside parking throughout the area with small green kiosks located on every block to purchase parking permits. The kiosks take coins and credit cards. If you prefer a parking garage with longer term rates, there is a multi-level Smart Park parking garage at 33 NW Davis at the corner of 1st St. This is just two blocks to the east of the Lan Su Chinese Garden.

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Review Rating
July 13, 2020

Mason did a great job with great storytelling. Old and current ghost stories were told with obvious love of Portland.
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Billy Shaun

Review Rating
March 30, 2020

We had a fun time on this tour! We learned so much about the city and it was more interesting than I thought it was going to be.
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Harmonia Forester

Review Rating
March 30, 2020

Luckily, we were able to go and we had one of the best tour experiences ever!!
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Review Rating
March 06, 2020

Very fun tour! The guide was excellent and knew all of the fun facts about Old Town! I would recommend this tour to anyone.
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