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Portland’s Haunted History

Just south of Vancouver, Washington, lies Portland, Oregon. The Lewis and Clark expedition passed near the area in 1805. Forty years later, a city was laid out. In 1845, after two of the area’s early citizens quite literally flipped a coin, the city was named after Portland, Maine, instead of Boston, after the historic Massachusetts town.

Early growth in the area was pumped by a number of gold rushes and flows of immigrants along the Oregon Trail. Portland’s position at the junction of the Columbia River and the main route from California to the Puget Sound made it an extremely valuable commercial center. Even with all of the city’s growth over the years, the area remains in one of the most mysterious areas of the continental United States.

Portland and the entire Pacific Northwest is overflowing with unexplained phenomena, spooky lore, and tales as old as time. Some of the oldest establishments in the area happen to be pubs, so what better way to learn the exciting history of these haunted bars than with a Spirits of Portland Haunted Pub Crawl?


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Ground Kontrol at 115 NW 5th Ave
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Approximately 2 hours
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Arrive 10 minutes early and allow time for parking.
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