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Welcome to Portland's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

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Take a walk on the “weird” side of Portland, where the tales are stranger than fiction, and the boozy spirits are as potent as the ghostly spirits. Join Portland Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl for a racy night of haunted bars, strong drinks, spooky stories, and fun designated for those brave and old enough to enjoy.


Discover Portland's Most Haunted Places:

Kells Irish Pub

Though it shares the same moniker as the Seattle location, Kells Irish Pub’s past is far more sinister here in the City of Roses. Built in 1889, the building sits upon the infamously haunted Shanghai Tunnels. And if that’s not harrowing enough, in 1911, a fire broke out near the pub that killed a beloved firefighter. Sip on one of their craft beers while hearing about the spirits that have made the pub their permanent haunt.

Kelly’s Olympian

Kelly’s may have opened after the Shanghai scheme was uncovered, but that doesn’t mean the tunnels didn’t serve a purpose. In the 1920s, bootlegging took over the tunnels, and gangsters paid off cops to turn a blind eye to the illegal consumption occurring in the dry city. The old speakeasy can be seen in Kelly’s Olympian’s basement, and the ghosts of the bar’s sinful past can be felt in the very seats you’ll sit in on this haunted pub crawl of Portland.

Haunted Fallen Tunnel in Portland, OR

Shanghai Tunnels

No ghost tour would be complete without a visit to the darkest location in Portland, where most of the city’s most heinous crimes occurred. Enjoy a few cocktails before we arrive at the Shanghai Tunnels, the final destination for several unfortunate souls. Learn about the buildings unlucky enough to sit atop them and the sorrowful spirits that are unable to leave this cursed place.

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Kristin M.

My friend and I had a wonderful time. Victoria was an amazing guide. She managed to give detailed explanations of the history of Portland ha ... Read More

10 Apr 2024

Chris Chromy

Lori - spelt with 4 letters was a lovely, fun and enthusiastic tour guide.

08 Apr 2024

Carrie Raine

Our tour guide Victoria really made this tour come to life. She was knowledgeable and great at bringing the stories to life for our 9 and 11 ... Read More

06 Apr 2024

Carol Scheafer

Victoria was fantastic!! We learned so much about the city and it’s history and we felt completely safe during the tour. I’ll definitely ... Read More

06 Apr 2024


Welcome to
Portland's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

Welcome to
Portland's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

You’re about to embark on a journey into the unknown, where the drinks are strong and the spirits are stronger. This racy stroll through downtown Portland will give new meaning to the phrase “Keep Portland Weird” as you’ll uncover the tantalizing tales of gambling, drugs, prostitution, kidnapping, and bootlegging that paved the way for this R-rated haunted pub crawl.


Liquor up with an Oregon Old Fashioned and discover the city’s most iconic locations with eerie backstories, including the ties a bar has to an arcade game that inspired the novel “Ready Player One.” This tour isn’t for the faint of heart, or the underage. Drink your way through Portland’s sinful side of history on this thrilling adults-only haunted pub crawl of Portland.


Why Choose Portland Ghosts Haunted Pub Crawl


Portland is overflowing with unexplained activity, spooky lore, and tales as old as time. Some of the oldest establishments in the area happen to be pubs, so what better way to learn the exciting history of these haunted bars than with a haunted pub crawl of Portland? Here are a few more reasons to book your Portland Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl


  • You want to know what makes Portland weird
  • You want to hear about Portland’s oddest and most infamous haunted hotspots
  • You want a fun way to experience the city’s collection of craft beer
  • You want to learn more about the terrors in the Shanghai Tunnels
  • You finally found a kid-free event!
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