Tour Preview

We have some real treats in store for you, whether you take our standard tour of around one hour, with 8 locations busting with history and ghostly hauntings or if you plunge into the extended Portland Ghosts tour, which adds another 0.8 miles and four stops to the tour, for maximum ghost!

We’ll stick to the downtown area. We start and end at the impressive Lan Su Chinese Garden, two blocks from the river, by the North Steel Bridge. All of Portland history is here, glimpses into every haunted era are possible in this densely packed city center.

We’ll also see the area of the city where drunken revelers would wake up on a ship forced into a life at sea, they neither wanted nor could escape from. The practice of ‘Shanghaiing’ was perfected in Portland (they are so proud!) and thousands were lost to the seas over the years.

We want your tour experience to be as surprising and unforgettable as possible, so we won’t reveal our routes entirely and spoil them. However, if you’re trying to get a better idea of what haunted sites the Ghosts of Downtown Portland tour includes, a preview is below.

We also did a lot of research into the ghostly haunting s further a filed while we were putting this tour together, Oregon and the wider Portland area had some amazing stories, what we didn’t add to the walking tour, we included on our blog of haunted Portland locations.

What’s on my ghost tour?

Old Town Pizza

Currently the site of a popular pizza restaurant, this building was originally the Merchant Hotel where a beautiful woman was brutally murdered in the late 1800’s. Hear the story connecting her to the Shanghai Tunnels that run below your feet. This location remains her home as sightings of her and manifestations of her presence continue to this day.

Kell’s Irish Pub

In Portland, operating a business inside an old building still connected to the infamous Shanghai Tunnels is a surefire recipe for eerie visitations and paranormal activity. This location is no exception. Hear the story of the tragic event that preceded the arrival of one of the pub’s most famous ghosts and hear what employees and patrons have witnessed in the darkened, underground cigar room.

Benson Hotel

This treasured Portland landmark has more than its fair share of ghosts. From the former owner of the building to a small boy who likes to play mischievous tricks on hotel guests, there are plenty to choose from. Your guide will reveal tales of frightening sightings inside that will either make you book a reservation soon or walk away quickly, looking back over your shoulder.

Heathman Hotel
Extended Tour Exclusive

You may recognize this hotel from being featured in the movie 50 Shades of Grey. But it also harbors many dark secrets that result in unexplained occurrences that have frightened guests and staff for decades. Find out what event led to multiple rooms ending in “03” being haunted and sought out by paranormal investigators trying to make a connection with the many unearthly guests of this historic hotel.